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Axopar25 Club Marine TV

Reviewed: Axopar 25 Cross Top – (Club Marine TV, February 2023)

Don Wiseman from Club Marine TV took the Axopar 25 Cross Top out for a test in the waters outside Australia  

"With careful design the Axopar team have created more space than you will ever want or need for any family and friends"

”What Axopar really do well his to make sure that every inch of their boat is entirely usable.”

”It rides on that twin-stepped hull that Axopar has become famous for, and you can immediately get that sports car feel, the thrill of the ride that you’ve come to expect from all of their boats.”

”You’re not going to want to step away from the wheel on board this particular boat.”

”I’m doing over 40 knots but I feel really comfortable.”

”There’s nothing quite like an Axopar in terms of its’ handling.”

”It’s the clever combination of design and precise execution that brings this boat home for me.”


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