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Axopar 45 XC Boat test Boating Mag March23

Reviewed: Axopar 45 XC Cross Cabin – (Boating Magazine, March 2023)

Phil Draper from Boating magazine took the very first Axopar 45 XC Cross Cabin out for a test at Cannes Yachting Festival 2022.  

"It’s all about giving those aboard the ability to maximize the space according to the activity."

”The cabin is a Swiss Army knife of features. Stuff slides and glides back and forth, folds up and down, and pulls and pushes in and out, which extracts maximum functionality.”

”The real wow comes when you open the gullwing doors to flood the space below with even more light and fresh air, never mind provide another two ways to climb in and out. In the right anchorage and with a suitable weather forecast, that means everything can be left open—what a marvelous way to overnight.”

”Like the rest of the Axopars, prices are keen for what you get, which is a lot.”

”This 45 is not only up there with the big center-consoles in terms of performance, but it also offers the cabin practicality for even more ambitious cruising itineraries. That feature set makes picking a comparison boat difficult.”


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