Spending quality time with your kids is the best investment you can make—in their happiness and yours. And what better place to enjoy family time than in Sweden’s Bohuslän region? With its numerous hours of sunlight in summer, Bohuslän is a boaters’ paradise. Add the area’s 8000 islands, many wild and uninhabited, some full of life, and you have a natural playground like no other.


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Make the most of endless summer days

Outdoorsy types at heart, the Swedes know how to do ‘family time’ right–especially in the sunny season. Taking extra-long summer holidays, they head to picturesque coastal villages to spend their time on and around the water. Swedish families fill their endless summer days enjoying post-sauna dips, navigating peaceful inlets, and chatting late into the night by water-side bonfires.

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Summers in Bohuslän are made of dips in dark blue water and wakeboarding sessions under a sun that is slow to set.

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Spend your days enjoying one life-affirming moment after the other

Wild, timeless, and unspoiled, Bohuslän is the perfect place to enjoy ‘back-to-basics’ relaxation. A true natural playground, there’s plenty to do in the area – especially for water babies and boating enthusiasts. You and your kids can while away the hours flying across the water at 25 mph per hour on a wakeboard, cast a line to catch fresh fish for supper, or explore the rocky coastline, discovering secret coves and cast-away-type islands.

You only have to cruise out of one of the area’s picturesque harbors past wooden cottages, and little fishing boats to see how it will take you far away from the daily grind of work and school. Here’s a region where afternoons slip into evenings, and long summer days are filled with memories that last a lifetime.

Navigate open water and peaceful inlets, soaking up rocky sceneries while sea birds fly overhead.
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Gearing up for some new perspectives.

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Core memories in full production.

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Find something new every time you're cruising in between the countless islands.

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Making the picturesque archipelago even more picturesque. 

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The long and warm summer nights are inviting for pyjama adventures. 

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Gearing up for some new perspectives.

Slow down and settle into cottage life

The Bohuslän coastline is famed for its smooth rock formations and picturesque fishing villages dotted with quaint wooden cottages. And it’s in these summer cottages that the Swedes tend to spend as much time as they possibly can, from May all the way through to September. Family-owned and shared, the Swedes’ cottages are spaces to enjoy each other’s company and take a break from their normal, more hectic pace of life. You too will instantly fall in love with cottage life as you chat and dangle your feet from a rustic jetty, listen to the wind catch the treetops or watch your kids laugh and splash around in the water.

"Family moments will keep you warm long after the summer is gone"