On the east coast of Sweden, 270° west directly across the sea from the distinguishably flat Finnish Kvarken coastal region, lies Höga Kusten – The High Coast, with its high mountains and deep seabeds that create sublime circumstances for climbing. Since the last ice age, the majestic mountains have risen over 300 meters, forming the steep cliffs that are distinctive for this UNESCO World Heritage-site.



Having a good climbing buddy, the right gear, and a boat, opens up new adventures for climbers, making steep cliffs that continue down far past sea level, reachable.

Such a unique climbing environment facilitates experiences to remember and stories to be told for years to come.

Climbing is about so much more than reaching the top. It’s about friendships, a sense of freedom, discovering the undiscovered, and conquering the mountain; seeing the world from a perspective that only a chosen few get to. Climbing is an ever-evolving art form that offers different challenges with every climb, making you a better climber after each climbing adventure.

Get in there. Get up there.
Pack your gear, load your boat with all the necessities you require for the trip, and get out on a quest for the next climbing adventure.

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Docking your boat at the base of a cliff, and scaling vertically up to your destination adds another dimension to your boating experience.  

You don’t need to climb very far in order to start noticing the astonishing landscape looming all around, encouraging you to climb further up, to get an even better view of the surroundings. Climbing to get a new perspective of the world around us lies in our human nature, as we in fact learn to climb before we even learn to walk.

Climbing is an activity that is beneficial for your mind as well as your body. It strengthens your muscles, building endurance, and trains your mind to make decisions and to solve problems.  

The right climbing rope will safely help you get to the top.
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Using a boat when searching for new places to climb is a total game changer.

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Preparation is the key to a successful climb.

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Have the right equipment prepared in advance.

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The way to the top might be just as rewarding as actually reaching the top.

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Dock your boat at the base of a cliff to elevate your climbing adventure.

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Using a boat when searching for new places to climb is a total game changer.

Having a boat to reach new heights is a good start, but the right gear makes or breaks your climbing adventure.

Climbing rope is the most essential item of equipment in your gear bag, but to make it safely from base to peak and back again, you will also need a climbing harness, helmet, chalk, carabiners, climbing shoes, belay devices, and quick draws. Being prepared with these essentials ensures that your climbing adventure will be as enjoyable an experience as it should be.