Sharing the adventure


For Jim Inglese, his partner and their son, their Axopar allows them to indulge in the waterborne passions together as a family.



Jim Inglese has enjoyed life on the water his whole life.

From lifeguarding on the beach in his youth to living aboard a sailing boat for 11 years and freediving and spearfishing in his free time, he is happiest at sea.

“The family’s 28 Cabin, One Breath, has a single 300hp Mercury V8 and is the perfect tool for blasting across to the Catalina Island from their base in Marina del Rey to go freediving and spearfishing. “The trip used to take us 4-5 hours each way on the sailing boat but now we can get over there quickly and change location in no time,” Jim explains. “When you’ve been freediving and spent a few hours in a cold wetsuit, there’s nothing like getting back to a warm cabin.”

The simplicity of running the Axopar has allowed Jim to bring the family along on his adventures and now it’s something that they can all share.

He says, “Christina loves driving the Axopar. Not only has she seen it as something she can do but she is excited about it and is empowered by it. She loves using it on her own.”

Often Jim will pilot the sailing boat over to the island and Christina will follow in the Axopar so they can use their sloop as a base and the 28 as quick transport to the diving and hunting grounds. The boat is a vehicle for them to forge unforgettable memories as a family unit

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They even get their own dinner by going spearfishing.

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The son of Jim and Christina has spent a lot of his time on the water.

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Boating brings the whole family closer together.

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Breakfast tastes better when enjoyed outside, especially on the fore deck!

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Sunsets are definitely more magical when out on the water.

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They even get their own dinner by going spearfishing.

The love of the sea and boating is being passed down to the next generation. “My boy loves it, he was four years old and out on the water and at five he is spearing fish at 15ft, it’s amazing to see."

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