New Axopar 22 wins stunning triple-awards

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An unbroken record.

New Axopar 22 accomplishes a hat-trick by winning triple-awards   
Helsinki 31st January, 2022  

The Axopar 22 range accomplished a rare hat-trick in the boating industry last week by consecutively winning all the three renowned European independent boating awards, finalizing its hat-trick winning the 2022 Motor Boat Awards.

The Axopar 22 has won the following three major awards: 
Best of Boats International 2021 – ‘Best for Beginners’  
European Powerboat of the Year 2022 – ‘Up to 8m’  
Motor Boat Awards 2022 – ‘Sports Boat Up to 30ft’  
These three awards are conducted by a vast number of passionate boating journalists, Chief Editors and boat test-riders from all over Europe, totalling over 28 industry leading magazines. All the magazines and journalists are renowned for sea trialling and testing hundreds of new motorboats annually from leading boat-building countries, looking for criteria when selecting nominees for their respective awards, such as workmanship, safety, driving behaviour, design, price/performance ratio and practical needs for boaters. 


The first time a boat manufacturer accomplished the hat-trick of these independent triple award victories for the same model consecutively happened in 2016. That time it was for the equally ground-breaking Axopar 28 range, not long after it first launched.  
So today Axopar is proud to announce that two of its models have in the time of history received this incredible and rare status, that no other manufacturer has yet received. 
Jan-Erik Viitala, founding partner of Axopar Boats, says:  
“My sincere appreciation goes to all the passionate boating journalists working hard to evaluate all boats out there that with their extensive experience and knowledge, constantly challenging a manufacturer such as us to create better boats, in order to bring more people on the water, in more comfort, with more functionality and safety.”  
“Axopar has always been known for creating exciting and innovative boats combined with solid, competitive pricing. In the case of the new adventurous 22, we used all of our knowledge from the development of our larger models to create one of the coolest, best-handling and safest 22-footers out there, and are overjoyed that members of the juries have appreciated these features in our Axopar 22.”  
The Best Of Boats Jury concluded:  
With numerous features and benefits designed to attract and entice more people in to boating for the first time, the easy-to-handle, fun-inspired nature of the Axopar 22, made it a worthy and compelling winner in the BOB Award ‘Best for Beginners’ category.   
The European Powerboat of the Year Jury concluded:  
Chairman of the Jury, Ralf Marquard, Vice Editor in Chief, Boote, expressed praise for how well the Axopar 22 concept had “set new standards” in fulfilling its main design brief.  

“The Axopar 22’s key winning attributes, were safety, ease of handling and just fun - combined with a strong focus on the price/performance ratio.”  
The Motor Boat Awards Jury concluded:    
“Distilling the best bits of two award-winning models into the smallest footprint yet, would seem like an impossible task but Axopar, nevertheless, rose to the challenge of creating this fabulous entry-level model”, says Jack Haines, Motor Boat & Yachting Magazine, Deputy Editor. 



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