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This all-new range represents the culmination of living our adventure and listening closely to our customers. Everything onboard, all you can see, touch and feel, has been improved and enhanced to our customers’ wishes. It has all been done with a sense of purpose, and for specific reasons, in terms of improved functionality, usability, comfort and higher quality with a new visual presence.

The Axopar 29 range, therefore, is even more multifunctional, maintaining its exceptional value for money, made to push and redefine the adventure boat genre, even when the sub-30-foot category itself has developed enormously with new brands entering the market in the last years.


*Starting price: 57 800 €




At Axopar we do not change anything without a sense of purpose, but when we see clear opportunities for improvement, we want to act immediately for the benefit of our customers. This might explain how fast and dedicated we have been able to develop our company and its range of boats in only 10 years.


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In true Axopar fashion, the helm on the Axopar 29 Sun Top is driver-focused and provides an uncluttered dashboard, with the essentials within hands reach. 

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The optional u-sofa layout gives you the option to rearrange the back- and armrests to your liking, giving you more ways to lounge in between exploring. 

29ST Forward u sofa
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The optional u-sofa layout in the bow extends the lounging and al fresco dining possibilities even more.

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The multi cabin in the front can be equipped with a head, sink, and additional cushioning, making for a perfect space for extended stays out on the water. 

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Beneath the spacious aft deck, lies a generous storage compartment, perfect to stow away your SUP-board, extra clothing, and cooler.

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In true Axopar fashion, the helm on the Axopar 29 Sun Top is driver-focused and provides an uncluttered dashboard, with the essentials within hands reach. 

Axopar 29 Sun Top Walkthrough
Have a look at the extensive walkthrough of the Axopar 29 Sun Top to discover what's new, down to the smallest of details.

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The modular nature of Axopars, and our multi-platform thinking, enables you to customize your boat with an aft layout to suit your everyday needs. As standard, the Axopar 29 Sun Top comes with a spacious open aft deck. The aft deck can be also equipped with an optional aft bench, wet bar module, or an aft cabin.

Technical specifications

Overall Length (excl. Engine)
8,75 m (28ft 8in)
Overall Length incl. Bathing Platforms
9,40 m (30ft 10in)
2,98 m (9ft 8in)
Draft to props
0,9 m (2ft 8in), shallow draft for beaching 0,60 m
Weight (excl. Engine)
with average options: 2800 kg (6173 lbs)
B: 6 persons / C: 9 persons
2 (+2)* persons
Fuel capacity
400 l (105 gal)
B – Offshore / C – Coastal
Max speed range
approx. 48 kts
Outboard engines
300 – 400 hp
Fuel consumption, cruise
1,6 l / nm (1 x 350hp most economic cruising speed range 24-34 kts)
Hull design
Twin stepped 22 degree V “Sharp entry hull”
Specifications may be changed without prior notice. Performance may vary due to equipment, weather and load conditions.


We want to provide you with an extensively customizable and user-friendly boat that can match you in your everyday needs all year around and for all your adventures. The configuration you choose will define the final layout of your boat. Below are a few examples of exterior and interior layouts available.






29 N 0000 Sphere


29 0001 Glacier v2


Axopar Light Brochure 2024 mockup


The Axopar range is the result of our extensive experience and passion for boating. Designed and developed by true boating enthusiasts for those quality-conscious boaters searching to open new perspectives. Discover the 29-Range in our online brochure.