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The Axopar 45 Cross Top is a hybrid between the Sun Top and Cross Cabin models, with a selection of the best properties of open and enclosed boating. Its negative-angle wraparound windshield protects against wind, rain, and glare while offering all-around visibility and improved navigation capabilities - an ultimate choice for professionals and seasoned adventurers. 

With its unparalleled drivability and unique features onboard, you have more reasons than ever to head out longer and explore further - whatever the weather. The boat's renowned hydrodynamics, not only in terms of fuel efficiency but also in ride dynamics, gets you the sporty feel of a much smaller boat.



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With true boating and drivability in focus, our vision for the 45 XT is to create one of the best and most thrilling boats to drive for its size - a feature and sensation that our owners truly appreciate and value. Perfect for those of you who want to stay in close contact with the water, keeping the excitement of the open sea, and never be disconnected from the elements for the sheer joy of driving.






The modular layout allows for easy customization and versatility of space for this type of boat, accommodating various activities and preferences. From casual day trips to longer journeys, the Sun Top and Cross Top offer the flexibility to adapt to all kinds of adventures.  

Those going for the U-sofa option on the aft deck will not only have a perfect dining area on the aft deck that they can transform it into a large size sun bed, but also gain the convenience of two extra on-deck storage boxes and a insulated compartment on top of the backrest, perfect for keeping your beverages on ice.




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With a fully protecting windscreen you and your passengers stay protected, making the Cross Top the perfect blend between open and enclosed boating. 

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With its' 45 feet of length, it still handles as well as the smaller siblings in the Axopar-range. 

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The layout of the boat is designed with the social spaces in focus. 

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With a fully protecting windscreen you and your passengers stay protected, making the Cross Top the perfect blend between open and enclosed boating. 

Videos Featuring 45 Cross Top

/ Axopar 45 XT and ST walkthrough


The modular nature of Axopars, and our multi-platform thinking, enables you to customize your boat with an aft layout to suit your everyday needs. As standard, the Axopar 45 Cross Top comes with an Aft Sofa on the spacious open aft deck. The aft deck can be also equipped with an optional U-sofa or an Aft Cabin.

Technical specifications

Overall Length (excl. Engine)
13,91 m (45ft 8in)
4,11 m (13ft 6in)
Draft to props
1,2 m (3ft 11in)
Weight (excl. Engine)
Approx. 6500 kg (14330 lbs)
B:12 / C:16
2 persons (with optional aft cabin 2+2)
Fuel capacity
1390 l (368 gal)
B – Offshore / C – Coastal
Max speed range
Up to 50 knots
Outboard engines
3 x 300 hp
Fuel consumption, cruise
Approx. 22 - 35 knots, 4,1l/nm
Hull design
Twin stepped 20 degree V “Sharp entry hull”
Specifications may be changed without prior notice. Performance may vary due to equipment, weather and load conditions.
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The Axopar range is the result of our extensive experience and passion for boating. Designed and developed by true boating enthusiasts for those quality-conscious boaters searching to open new perspectives. Discover the 45 Cross Top in our online brochure.