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revTrade A Boat 24 TT

Tested: Axopar 24 T-Top - (Trade-A-Boat November 2017)

“To me, this is one of the most striking designs around for under A$500,000.”, “Axopar gives you exclusivity, performance and a contemporary touch that was missing from our market ’til now.”

What they loved about the Axopar 24 T-Top: Handling, Looks, Exclusivity. “Whether stepping back from the Axopar 24 T-Top or moving in close for details, I’m constantly in awe of the thoughtfulness of the layout, the exacting finish and the individual looks.”, “The Axopar 24 Range loses nothing to its bigger siblings in looks, ride and design.”, “The bow is spacious enough to take four for lunch while there are five large and supportive aft seats. But perhaps the biggest surprise was the space in the two bunks; either is capable of swallowing my 2m frame and with an infill between there’s room for three to sleep.”, “It’s an inspiring and confident steer – one of the best around.”, “The bow table option is one I’d recommend even if your 24 will be a commuter; stored and retrieved for long summer hours tucked in a remote bay, this would be heaven.”


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