Riding an e-bike feels like riding a conventional bike with a strong tailwind. The electric engine pushes you up and forward through the most challenging parts of the terrain, which would be nearly unreachable without the engine. Crushing gnarly terrain on an e-mountain bike (eMTB) is an unusual feeling, quickly making you addicted to it. Just ask Italian trail junkies Simone Pais and Andrea Garibbo — their two-wheeled adventures will give you chills that make your hair stand on end.


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The e-bike segment is developing at flat-out speed and fast becoming the hottest thing in bike racing

Simone and Andrea met through their shared love of bikes twenty years ago. They both started racing competitively in 2010 and on eMTBs since 2018. Andrea, a pro rider, has many wins under his belt — he is the second e-enduro world champion. And with the Italian Champions Cup and E-Enduro World Series around the corner, these are exciting times for the pair.

An Electrifying Ride
eMTBs give you more opportunities to explore and offer fresh challenges with every trail.

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“It’s impossible to go up Palmaria’s steepest slope unless you’re riding an eMBT”

But for Simone and Andrea, e-bike riding is about more than competitions and podium finishes. It’s about spending time with friends, discovering new places, and being in nature. Luckily, they live in La Spezia, close to some of Europe’s best and most beautiful e-biking hotspots. Finale Ligure, which is part of the Italian Riviera, is legendary among enduro riders worldwide for its rocky, technical, and go-faster trails.

Closer to home is Palmaria, an undeveloped island which lies a short boat ride from Porto Venere. Strapping the bikes on the aft deck, Andrea and Simone are ready for new thrills along the trails. With its towering cliffs, pretty coves, and rocky beaches, it’s one of Simone and Andrea’s go-to places for amazing views. The trail circles the island and takes them up almost vertical slopes, through Mediterranean forest, and past pristine shorelines.

Hair-raising experiences among the Italian peaks.
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The searching for new experiences have begun, but looking for the adventure is also an adventure.

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Getting ready to experience the thrill of Italy's peaks.

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The eMTB allows you to push higher and faster in the rough terrain, opening up doors to countless experiences.

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Focus, be in the moment, and go.

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Taking a break in between the excitement is necessary to enjoy the scenery.

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The searching for new experiences have begun, but looking for the adventure is also an adventure.

Are eMTBs more exciting than ‘normal’ bikes? For Simone and Andrea, it’s a no-brainer

Andrea has been mad about bikes since he was three. Regular bikes, motor bikes, mountain bikes - you name it, Andrea’s ridden them. But the e-bike gets his vote for the perfect two-wheeler. “eMBTs cover more ground, can descend more in less time, and open up new routes”, says Andrea. Simone adds: “From big jumps to powering up techy climbs and wheel-spinning through uphill corners in turbo — eMTBs shred!”

Aside from pushing boundaries and getting the adrenalin going, e-biking holds many other attractions. Andrea spends as much time training for upcoming races as he rides to switch off and socialize. For him and Simone, e-biking is a great way to meet people, travel, and relax.

When asked to describe the ultimate session, they’re quick to answer. “Being out with a few friends on a sunny day and discovering a new trail or section — it doesn’t get better than that”.

Riding an eMBT is all about exploration: you can push further, faster, and higher than ever before