Sharing valuable one-on-one time with your child can be as easy as playing a board game or kicking a ball around. However, boating at exhilarating speeds and stand-up paddling on a sunny day is infinitely more exciting! 


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An exhilarating boat ride makes for the ultimate sensory experience.

Ask any adult about their favourite childhood memory and, oftentimes, it will feature water. It makes sense. Splashing around in a lake, searching the beach for treasures, or exploring the coastline by boat are experiences that fill every child’s heart with joy. And nothing gives you the feels like watching your child find a pretty seashell or perform their first wakeboarding trick! 

Cherishing the Significant Moments
Spending a day on the water allows you to disconnect from your busy lives and reconnect with one another.

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A promise of adventure, exhilaration, and discovery.

Feeling a buzz of excitement as you and your kid make your way to the boat, knowing you have an all-day adventure for just the two of you can be an everlasting memory. As you turn on the engine and head out to the bay, nature and wildlife surround you quickly. What animals will you spot this time? Seabirds hovering in the sky? Or will you be lucky enough to see a harbour porpoise or dolphin playing just above and below the water surface. It’s all about keeping eyes peeled to find the wildlife rewards. 
While you are wildlife spotting, be on the lookout for an idyllic spot to drop anchor. Unpack the picnic basket to eat some snacks and refill the energy levels before the water sport action begins. Stand-up paddling is the most beginner-friendly water sport, and both you and your child are sure to enjoy the challenge of balancing and navigating the waves with increasing skill and confidence. As you both get more comfortable on the board, you’ll start noticing the schools of fish underneath the surface and before you know it, you’ll explore further from the boats in great confidence. Perhaps it makes you wonder, why you don’t do this more often. 

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With a backdrop of cloudless skies and turquoise coves, a day out on the water will undoubtedly leave you with a cheerful feeling when returning home.
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Prepping the paddle board for an exhilarating water adventure.

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Navigating through serene waters under the radiant sun. 

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Indulging in snacks and spotting fascinating sights.

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Prepping the paddle board for an exhilarating water adventure.

What better way to strengthen bonds than by embarking on an adventure together?  

As a parent, you already know that spending quality time together is not only important but also incredibly fulfilling. Watching your son or daughter having a great time is probably as good as parenting gets. Feeling totally relaxed, you’ll chat and laugh about old memories and make new ones as you speak. You’ll doubtlessly return to the dock with ear-to-ear grins, not to mention plenty of stories for the dinner table! 



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Enjoy high-flying action on the water together — it’s the ultimate way to spend one-on-one quality time with your kid.