The Rainy Photo Shoot


Featuring: Jan-Erik Viitala, Axopar Founding Partner and Creative & Innovation Director, Patric Polch & Tom Rempe, Boote Polch and Luca Hartmann, eFoil Riders Mallorca.


After a full week at the Cannes boat show, we had planned a photoshoot day on the water. We got up early to make the most of the day and gathered at the breakfast table, eager to spend a day boating and creating content. The weather was a concern with gray skies and drizzle, and we kept checking the forecast, hoping for good news. But the rain didn’t stop us; our excitement was clear as we carried our watersports gear to the boat. The French Riviera awaited us, promising a day full of fun on the water.


the rainy photoshoot2
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Rainy Beginnings, Radiant Endings

As we boarded the Axopar 45, the excitement was undeniable. We were here to chase adventure and create some awesome content. The rain didn’t bother us since we were well protected in the cabin, allowing us to go boating in any weather. Laughing and joking, we set off, speeding across the waves with our favorite tunes playing. As we had hoped, the weather began to change. The initial gloom lifted, and soon, rays of light began to sparkle on the beautiful waters of the French Riviera.

The Rainy Photo Shoot
Even on the cloudiest days, the sea has a magic all its own. Luckily, the sun made a desired appearance, making the sea glisten beautifully.

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Gliding Across Boundless Waters

We found a calm spot to anchor, where the inviting turquoise waters called out under a now sunny sky. We set up our Fliteboards, eagerly anticipating the eFoil ride. Fliteboarding is something else — it’s like becoming one with the sea, effortlessly gliding above the waves.

Using cutting-edge technology, these electric-powered hydrofoil boards, also known as eFoils, offer a thrilling mix of speed and calm, making us feel like we’re floating on air. A handheld Flite Controller is used to manage the speed, and almost anyone can learn eFoiling in under an hour. Cruising through the crystal-clear waters with Cannes as our backdrop, we were living our dream. To truly understand the magic of it, you must experience it firsthand.  

AX45 XT Efoil Q9A8588
Some say it's like snowboarding on fresh powder, while others compare it to flying. Many call it 'the thrill of a lifetime' and 'magical'.
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From laughter to thrill, every second on the water is priceless.

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After the rain, rays of sunshine began to sparkle on the turquoise waters of the French Riviera.

Axopar 45 XT Cross Top BRABUS Line 6206
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Adventure is out there – and today, we're diving right in.

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There's nothing like Fliteboarding across the crystal-clear waters with a view over Cannes.

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Every wave holds a new moment of excitement and joy.

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From laughter to thrill, every second on the water is priceless.

Moments of Bliss

As the day went on, the sun cast a warm glow over the boat, turning it into a perfect spot for some relaxation in the middle of all the excitement. We and the film crew gathered on deck, enjoying the sun and sharing laughs. The adventure isn’t just about thrills — it’s also about the quiet, meaningful moments with friends that make every trip special. With beautiful waters, nature, and endless horizons surrounding us, this moment felt like pure gold.

"No matter the weather, adventure is always on the horizon"