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Previewed at the Cannes Yachting Festival, and with its World Premieres following in stages, starting at Boot Düsseldorf 2022 next year, the fabulous Axopar 45 range will become our most ambitious and most accomplished range so far.

A ‘quantum-leap’ into a new size segment and a benchmark achievement for us, the new range now represents the pinnacle of Axopar pedigree and DNA. We have carefully listened to our customers’ needs and wishes for their ultimate adventurer, and we’re excited to build this new range with the joint passion shared by Axopar owners all around the world.

Flagship model in five versions 

We love to bring out disruptive products that challenge the norm and our instantly recognisable flagship Axopar 45 is bound to create a lot of buzz in the boating world. Its range will continue our praised platform thinking and DNA, offering our customers one of the broadest selections of options and customizations in its size and in the history of Axopar, all in order to create each individual customer’s own ultimate adventurer.

As a result of our ‘class leading’ modular deck design approach, we can now offer a staggering five different models in the Axopar 45 range for our customers to choose from.

Model range

  • Axopar 45 Spyder
  • Axopar 45 T-Top
  • Axopar 45 Sun-Top
  • Axopar 45 Cross Top
  • Axopar 45 XC Cross Cabin

What makes the Axopar 45 range stand out

Scandinavian style and functionality
The Axopar 45 exudes confidence, harmony and composure with an air of sophistication surrounding its entire design language. Well-resolved and satisfying to behold, its subtle Scandinavian design results in a bold visual presence without ‘shouting’ directly at its audience.

Gullwing door concept
All front lounge areas will benefit from a gullwing door experience that is the perfect solution for maximizing the sociable feeling of the front cabin, offering full interaction with one’s surroundings, and making the front cabin feel like it’s part of the outdoors. Furthermore, the gullwing doors allow better access to the cabin and a better connection with people on deck.

Elevating the onboard experience
Smooth, clean surfaces, rounded edges and uncomplicated hull lines provide the perfect backdrop to showcase the finer details and highlight the ‘touchpoints’ and visual references we have used throughout.

Efficiency in heart
What sets the Axopar 45 apart from its competitors, will be its efficiency and power to weight ratio, propelling the boat to similar speeds where competitors would need “in worst case” double the power. This is a boat that has been specially developed for lightweight outboard engines, like the Mercury Verado V8’s.

The ultimate driving experience.
The Axopar 45 presents an athletic appearance, with agile performance, superior handling and simplicity remaining to be our forte, rather than out-and-out pure muscle, with heavyweight propulsion, too much complexity and over-excess. Clean, uncluttered simplicity remains to be one of our most valued qualities.

We are moving up to a three outboard engine setup, with Mercury Marine’s 300HP 4.6l V8 Verado engines providing the perfect compromise between high performance, superior torque and best in class fuel-economy, along with innovative driving features and control aids designed to increase enjoyment for customers of all abilities.

Lounging onboard
Guests onboard stand to benefit from the extra volume and physical deck space gained from a 45ft hull, meaning that even large groups can find somewhere to sit back and relax within clearly defined rest & relaxation zones.

Side opening platforms
Driven by a usability and safety perspective, we chose to locate an innovative new solution, our raised side opening platforms, amid-ships where all the social activity is centred on the boat, extending usable seating space without sacrificing safety or comfort onboard.

45 XC Cross Cabin sliding doors
A new, unique feature on the 45 XC is the dual-sliding door solution that really opens up new possibilities for how you utilize a fully enclosable cockpit with its surroundings, with the new integrated side openings diffusing the sensation of seating indoors/outdoors like our gullwing doors.

Standing height in front cabin/toilet
The front lounge accommodation will be supplied ‘as standard’ across all 45s, with the advantage of standing-height headroom in the cabin and, also for the first time, a standing-height shower/washroom combined.

45 XC Cross Cabin adjustable wetbar
To utilize the layout of the 45 cockpit to the maximum, we decided to make a center sofa + wetbar + leaning post that is also length adjustable making it a new innovative and functional centerpiece of the cockpit.

World premiere

Join us for the World Premiere at BOOT Düsseldorf in January 2022. The Adventure just got bigger. Stay tuned for more information.

The preliminary pricing of the new Axopar 45 range will be presented at the latest in Dusseldorf 2022.


Read the complete press release below to find the main layout features and highlights, aft deck configurations and technical specifications.