Best Of Boats 2016 finalist
Best Of Boats 2016 finalist
The Axopar 37 range is a finalist for the Best of Boats 2016 award in the category Best for Fun! Winners are announced in November 2016.
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Video of the new Axopar 37 and Axopar 24 ranges and the multi-award-winning Axopar 28 range.


Watch a video shot at the boot 2016 boat show in Düsseldorf in January where Axopar had the world premiere of the new Axopar 37 and Axopar 24 model ranges.



The Axopar range is the result of our long time experience and passion for boating. Designed and developed by true boating enthusiasts for the quality conscious boater.


Below are the starting prices for each model. Complete price lists with optional equipment prices can be downloaded on the Pricing page.

Axopar 24 Open: 27.500€
Axopar 24 T-Top: 28.900€
Axopar 24 Hard-Top: 28.900€

Axopar 28 Open: 35.500€
Axopar 28 OC: 39.800€
Axopar 28 T-Top: 42.550€
Axopar 28 Cabin: 41.550€
Axopar 28 AC: 45.900€

Axopar 37 T-Top: 75.900€
Axopar 37 Sun-Top: 78.650€
Axopar 37 Cabin: 75.900€
Axopar 37 AC: 79.900€


Suggested retail price excl. tax. Ex-factory price. Hull price without engine. Handling, preparation, anti fouling and launching are not included. Prices are subject to change.

Latest Axopar News

Hat-trick for the Axopar 28 model range!



Our dedication to creating something truly unique has paid off as the Axopar 28 walk-around sports cruiser model range has been awarded three major international awards: “European Powerboat of the Year 2016”, “Motor Boat of The Year 2016” and “Best of Boats 2015”!


We are proud to announce that our boats are now available in eight new regions through our newly appointed premium dealers: Canada, Colombia, Panama, Russia, Abu Dhabi, Japan, Thailand, and Corsica.

Axopar welcomes the following new premium dealers: Dénia - SPAIN
Chantier Naval SIMONS - FRANCE
Serenity Yachting SLU Trading - IBIZA
Freedom Marine - CANADA
Elite-Yachts - COLOMBIA & PANAMA
Life Motor Boat Company, LLC - RUSSIA
Fast Marine Boats - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Derani Yachts - THAILAND
Okazaki Yachts Ltd. - JAPAN
Bizzari Nautic - CORSICA, FRANCE
Rapoxa Inc. - North Miami Area - USA
Nautical Ventures - USA
Tampa Marine Service - USA
Nimbus Saltsjö-Duvnäs, BörjessonBåt AB - SWEDEN
Herholdt Andersen AS - NORWAY

And more to follow...

Visit our Dealers page for a complete list of our dealers and their contact information

The Spanish magazine Barcos tested the Axopar 37 T-Top (Barcos Nr. 208 October 2016)

“At the controls, this progression results in spectacular sensations of acceleration and speed, response and power, with full control of the situation at all times. Spectacular!”, “High performance, full comfort”

What they loved about the Axopar 37 T-Top: Very attractive price and exact, impeccable driving and handling. The concept with open bathing platforms and flat area around the outboards and the hatch to the cabin on foredeck. "The hull in conjunction with dual engines provides great performance and safety at sea. The turns and counter steering is extremely agile, tight and fast, without cavitation and with outstanding grip of the hull."


Motor Boat & Yachting Magazine takes the Axopar 24 T-Top for a test drive in the latest issue (MBY November 2016).

“It’s a remarkably clever layout that strikes the perfect balance between useable dayboat and focused driving machine.”, “The combination of cutting-edge looks, a deep-vee hull, a sociable deck layout, exhilarating performance and attractive pricing has struck a chord with buyers the world over.”


Motor Boat & Yachting Magazine tests the Axopar 37 ST & TT in issue MBY August 2016.

“The most sensational new boat of the year?”, “A boat that has it all”, “This boat is comfortable going fast in heavy weather and transforms into a sociable, fun platform the moment the anchor is out.”

What they loved about the Axopar 37 ST & TT: "We're doing 41 knots over the ground. It genuinely feels like less than half that speed; the boat isn't even breaking a sweat. Staggering. The hull is so adept, so unflappable and so flattering that it's easy to drive fast in a big sea and still feel utterly safe and in control.", "Something that both boats share is the super-sociable dinette amidships.", "Thanks to Axopar's modular construction methods, you can tweak the layout to suit your exact needs.", "... Given its relative capability, that might make the Axopar 37 the steal of the century.".

Verdict: "Surfing back towards base, I struggle to think of a boat I've tested that I'd rather be on in these conditions.", "It's a very special boat, this, there's no doubt about it.".


The Axopar 24 receives yet another rave review, this time in the 06 issue of the German magazine WasserSport (06/2016)

“The Axopar 24 is set to continue the success of the award-winning Axopar 28 for all those who are looking for a versatile, sporty trailer boat with solid handling characteristics even in rough water, at a competitive price.”

What they loved about the Axopar 24 T-top: "Trailerable, cheeky and versatile: The new Axopar 24 as a Hard Top, T-top or Open model has a confident appearance and need not hide behind the big sisters.", "A powerful visual appearance with clean lines, the same sharp angular bow, a broad stern, the whole thing just over a metre shorter than the 28, but with a bit more freeboard.", "The Axopar 24 is a versatile driving machine with strong character and sporty driving characteristics on one hand and has genuine Cruiser qualities on the other. The universal concept makes no bad compromises, convinces with functional elegance, a clear and distinctive design and good build quality."

READ THE FULL REVIEW (German only) - (This and other boat reviews from WasserSport for download at:

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