Some may call it crazy to get in the water when most people don't dare to go outside, but I feel an exhilarating thrill of adventure. - Robin Lindqvist, kite surfer


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After his first kitesurfing session ten years ago, Robin was immediately hooked on the combination of speed and power.

Ever since then, the adrenaline rush and the feeling of complete freedom, propelling across the glimmering water, hasn’t lost its appeal. The sensation of freedom is maxed to the limit when you are carving your way on the water, having only the wind in your kite as the engine. It is about breathing fresh air, relaxing a busy mind, and becoming one with nature and its powers.

“It is a way of escaping for a little while, bringing nothing else than yourself and your equipment out in the water. Your phone, your work and your everyday life are all left on the beach. It is just you and the ocean”, Robin says.

Finding the perfect spot
Nothing is more exciting than picking a random spot on the map, then driving off with the boat and spending the whole day kitesurfing with friends, surrounded by the elements of nature.

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Kitesurfing, also known as kiteboarding, is an adventure watersport blending the best elements of surfing, wakeboarding and windsurfing.

With a large hand-controlled kite, the kite surfer harnesses the power of the wind and glides across the water on a board. Good kitesurfing locations can be reached by car, but having access to a boat allows you to escape the crowded beaches and reach the best spot for ideal weather conditions. And not to mention, it adds to the adventure.

There are endless possibilities to learn and advance in kitesurfing. Once you have mastered the fundamentals you can start jumping, cruising, riding waves, doing tricks, just going fast, whatever you want. It is the sport of a hundred alternatives, and you can customize your hobby to suit your own interests and personality, making it ever-changing and challenging.

“Whenever I feel bored or want to try something else, I simply just swap my twin-tip board to my directional surfboard instead”, Robin says.

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The best kite surfer is not the one with the most expensive gear or the one who can jump the highest, but the one who has the most fun on the water.
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Because of the many beaches, Hanko has become Finland's kitesurfing mekka.

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Robin's Core RX kite is an all-round kite that is perfect for freeriding and Big Air.

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The feeling of freedom is maxed to the limit when you're carving through the water.

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Twin-tip boards are versatile and are used by beginners and pros.

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There is always a feeling of accomplishment after each kitesurfing session.

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Because of the many beaches, Hanko has become Finland's kitesurfing mekka.

For kitesurfing enthusiasts who are planning on getting started, Robin shares a couple of tips.

Having fun and using safe equipment is the key to success, and finding friends to share your joy of kitesurfing with will not only contribute to the fun but also safety on the water. Launching and landing your kite can be hard in the beginning, thus having a friend that can help you with that might spare you potential accidents. Luckily, the kiting community is big, and most kiters are happy to meet new people that are just as stoked about wind and water adventures as they are.

Many beginners start with used gear, however, since the safety is much better today than it was 10 years ago, he wouldn’t recommend getting equipment that is older than 4 years.