A mediterranean Getaway


Sipping a cappuccino on a sun-dappled patio, ambling along the boulevard with an ice cream in hand, and snoozing on a boat that gently bobs on the water— you too can master the art of life in the slow lane on a Mediterranean getaway.



The French and Italian Riviera are the slices of Mediterranean heaven you hoped you would find.

Forget all about your hectic everyday life as you dangle your feet from Plage de la Fosse’s quay or sip chilled Vermentino on a Portofino terrace. Views of cloudless skies, turquoise coves, and vertiginous cliffs define the most photogenic stretch of coast in the Mediterranean. You’ll also find plenty of charming villages to explore: with their pastel-hued houses and cobblestone lanes, they’ll no doubt leave a lasting impression.

A Mediterranean Getaway
No matter how frenetic the pace of your everyday life is, you'll feel your stress simply melt into the relaxed way of Mediterranean living.

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It’s the views you’ll miss most when you’re back to the daily grind.

If being on the water in sunny climates sounds like your kind of holiday, a Med getaway featuring our Mediterrana edition is for you. The comfortable sunbeds and pads are conducive to private tanning sessions and impromptu day-time snoozes. If that sounds a little too relaxing, turn the ignition key and speed from one secluded cove to another in the blink of an eye. Drop anchor in bays only accessible by boat, like San Fruttuoso, to swim in aquamarine water and play with fish like the white-spotted octopus.

Before enjoying a sea-front dinner ashore, shower, change and have aperitivo in the boat’s lounge area. But a word of warning: talking about the day’s adventures and soaking up addictive coastal views may take longer than anticipated. 

Get your annual dose of blue-skies and sunshine... and discover the art of kicking back and enjoying life in the slow lane.
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The Mediterranean’s towering cliffs, dramatic coves, and rocky beaches look even better when seen from the water.

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Stunning Italian bodegas, like Sarzana's La Ghiaia Estate, sit among vines laden with Vermentino and Sangiovese grapes.

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Our Mediterrana edition, with elegant upholstery and a lounge-like feel, invites you to enjoy a slower pace of life.

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Plenty of Mediterranean winemakers have opened their cellar doors for you to learn about age-old trades and practices.

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Imagine visiting an age-old country vineyard, then taking the helm of your Axopar 37 and driving off into the sunset.

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Wine lovers, rejoice: the Mediterranean is the perfect place to pair delicious wines with extraordinary country views.

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The Mediterranean’s towering cliffs, dramatic coves, and rocky beaches look even better when seen from the water.

Aside from their postcard looks and mellow beat, getaway-from-it-all escapes like Porto Venere and St. Tropez abound with culture and history.

Ashore, you can walk around old town streets, admiring pastel-coloured facades and ancient churches, or browse traditional outdoor markets selling plump fruit and delicious cheese. Wine lovers are in for a real treat, here! With plenty of vineyards from which to choose, the riviera is perfect for sampling local liquid riches, not to mention learning about age-old trades and practices. But that’s not all. A true feast for the senses, a visit to a Mediterranean shop combines the pairing of delicious wines and local delicacies, like crumbly Parmesan and home-made preserves, with sweeping country views.

Evenings are reserved for sunset strolls and lingering al fresco dinners. You’ll find leafy terraces to feast on local staples like marinated cuttlefish or pesto alla Genovese at every turn. While you take in your photogenic surroundings – all enhanced by a soundtrack of lapping waves and the gentle murmur of foreign chatter – you can’t help but wish you had a time machine with a ‘pause-life-now’ button.