What makes boating in an exotic paradise an adventure worth waiting for? The majestic limestone cliffs rising more than 100 meters from the enchanting emerald waters. The lush tropical forests, the abundance of natural beauty and the wild monkeys and birds. The endless diving and snorkelling possibilities in a coral reef with colourful fish and remarkable sea turtles.


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The secret to finding hidden gems and secluded locations, whilst feeling like a true explorer, is to have access to your own boat.

Spend your days following your own route with a tropical breeze caressing your skin, and uncover remote islands surrounded by turquoise waters, inviting you for a swim. Navigate between the islands to find your own sandy shoreline to beach on, enjoy your private hideaway and explore deserted beaches and empty trails. 

Uncover the Tropics
Glide close alongside the mountains that plunge straight into the ocean, and if you’re lucky you might find a hidden beach around the corner, for only you to enjoy.


No matter the hour of the day, there is a true hideaway paradise waiting to be explored, above and below the surface.

So turn your explorer mode on, put on your captain's hat, lay the course and steer in between the majestic islands while you admire the breathtakingly beautiful scenery around you. If you venture out you'll come across empty white-sand beaches, where you can relax under waving palm trees or explore the lush jungle to walk among wild animals.

Find yourself a private spot, unpack your underwater camera and grab your snorkelling gear to discover a whole new world. Below your feet lies a vibrant coral reef that seems to be created for world-class snorkelling adventures.

If this isn’t paradise – then what is?

Speed up the fun under the surface.
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These stunning areas make you never want to leave.

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Exploring a piece of paradise with the ultimate backdrop for your photos.

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The boat can provide you with shade when you need a break from the sun.

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The sofa on the fore deck offers the best view from the boat.

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Your hotel room to go.

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These stunning areas make you never want to leave.

Stand up paddle along the coastline with the most scenic surroundings you can imagine.

Although the scenery above the surface is so beautiful it’s almost unreal, don’t forget to look down through the crystal clear water to discover the underwater wilderness if you haven’t already. The tropics have something to offer for everyone, whether you like snorkelling, relaxing on the beach or more adrenaline-fueled activities.

For those of you who are craving a double dose of adrenaline, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are plenty of terrific cliff jumping locations where you can experience a free fall of up to almost 30 meters. The steep limestone walls that characterise this tropical paradise are perfect for both short and long jumps.