What does hiking, trail-running, kayaking, camping and biking all have in common? They are all a great way to connect with nature - and yourself.



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Explore beyond and experience the joy of discovery.

For those with a passion for the outdoors, the discovery of unfamiliar places is thrilling and empowering. It is all about experiencing nature at its purest, going further on the journeys, and breaking new ground. Boating enables all that and more. So strap your bikes, kayaks and SUP boards on the roof, plot the course, and go explore the world from a different angle.

Live Your Adventure
Let the adventures begin right where the coastline ends.

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Freedom is having no limits to what adventures you can take on.

The epic and huge playground outdoors welcomes you to explore nature around every corner - on water and on land. Roof racks and generous storage spaces onboard the boat make room for your adventure gear and unlock new territories to explore. Roam around in old forests where you can hear the birds whistle, pedal in challenging terrain or hike to the top of a mountain and swim in the lakes along the way. Do what fulfils your adventure spirit.

They say that food tastes best outdoors (and it’s true), but it's even better around a campfire in the company of friends or family. Elevate your outdoors experience, cast a line wherever the fish is biting, and you might catch your own dinner.

The shallow draft Axopar gives you access to places that many boaters and landlocked people can’t reach.
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Explore new places to have your morning coffee.

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Geared up and ready for action.

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Sceneries are best served with company.

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Combine vertical and horizontal exploration to maximize the adventure.


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Bring a friend and make the adventure a memorable one.

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Explore new places to have your morning coffee.

Make sure no place is left unseen.

Naturally, a boat can only take you so far - with an Axopar even further – but there are phenomenal places you can’t explore solely by boat. A kayak takes you along where the boat can’t reach and truly opens up new avenues of adventure; the shallowest of bays and deepest of caves are all within reach from the seat of a kayak.

With adventure in your blood, you never know when a great opportunity strikes. It's always best to come prepared.

”Whatever the adventure, we will take you there”