One of the most serene and unique places to experience the magical midnight sun, surrounded by nature, is on an abandoned lighthouse island that has been shaped by the raw power of nature.


Miles away from the Finnish mainland, the lighthouse is charmingly worn by the wind.

The rocks have become rounded from the constant grind of the waves, and the meadows are coloured by blooming wildflowers. Out here, the air is fresh, and the rays from the midnight sun glimmer on the calm water, connecting the sky and the sea.

With an uninterrupted view of the midnight sun in front of you, and the only sounds of birds singing and the waves crashing against the rocks to be heard, nature is at its purest. If you have the opportunity to drive out to the outermost corners of the archipelago, and you are lucky to be there at the right time, you will experience something astonishing.

Midnight Sun Magic
Kayaking around a remote island at midnight with a panoramic, uninterrupted view of the landscape is a night well spent.

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The Finnish summers are short and sweet, but truly iconic.

In a clear summer sky, the sun can be seen throughout the whole night, spreading a golden light across the landscape. Depending on how far up north you go, the sun does not set for up to 70 consecutive days during the arctic summer. South of the Arctic Circle, the sun dips below the horizon for a few hours, but the night remains bright until sunrise, blurring the line between dusk and dawn.

After a dark winter, the sunshine is irresistible, and with 24 hours of daylight, the Finns fully appreciate the change that once again opens up the gateway to midnight explorations.

The never-ending summer days invite you to stay out and explore these idyllic places.
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The warm summer ocean breeze and the golden glow from the evening sun are a breathtaking combination.


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Pack a picnic and stay out on a secluded lighthouse island the whole night.


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Find yourself a quiet place to enjoy the remarkable midnight sun.


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Kayaking under the midnight sun is a unique experience and a memory you won’t forget.


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Take a moment to admire the discoveries on your summer adventure.


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The warm summer ocean breeze and the golden glow from the evening sun are a breathtaking combination.


The increased energy levels and the magic of the midnight sun adds a spring to your step.

When the night is as light as the day, nature will let you continue your summer adventure well into the night, and the soothing rays of the midnight sun will almost fool you into thinking it’s daytime. Some say that the summer nights are not meant for sleeping, and why would you when the night is a perfect extension of the day? Anything you can do in the daytime; you can do at night. Hiking, fishing, kayaking, swimming, or just cruising around? The choice is yours. Just step outside and enjoy the magic of the midnight sun.