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Combine the curiosity of a son and the adventurousness of a father, and the chances are that you get an unstoppable duo that will share countless hours of quality time and extraordinary experiences side-by-side.


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Many parents will agree that it’s sometimes tricky to find the time and energy to devote to family experiences, where daily duties and routines can be left behind.

For a child, adventures are often childhood highlights that are enjoyed and remembered for years to come. We believe that occasionally making time to explore your surroundings with family is the ultimate way of spending your time and fostering curiosity. Boating doesn't need to be time-consuming, and it’s a great way to create quality time with loved ones every so often. For Axopar’s Marko Hindersson, spending quality time with his son Milo on the water is valuable for both father and son.

Father & Son
A bond formed out on the sea is something that can't be understood unless it's experienced.

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A lighthouse island located in the outer archipelago is the perfect place to tell exciting stories from the past and create new memories together.

In the western Gulf of Finland, Bengtskär lighthouse stands tall on a rocky island, with the wide-open Baltic Sea unfolding in one direction and the archipelago in the other. It is a great place for a father and son to enjoy the island's history together, discover all the tunnels and nooks in the old lighthouse, look for faraway ships with binoculars, and dream about what you'd find if you travelled behind the horizon.

With its 51 meter height above sea level, Bengtskär lighthouse is the highest in the Nordics and has guided adventurers since 1906. It is said to be the mother, grandmother, and godmother of all lighthouses. If anything, that adds a different dimension to the family adventure.

Bengtskär lighthouse has been guiding adventurers since 1906.
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Travelling to new places together creates a bond between father and son.

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It takes 252 stairs and 2 ladders to reach the top of the lighthouse.

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The skill of safely navigating the sea is often passed on from one generation to another. 

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The original light in the Bengtskär lighthouse was made in Paris but has later been replaced with an automated electric light.

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Travelling to new places together creates a bond between father and son.

Let your kids grow up to become explorers.

Sooner than you’d think, the years go by, and faster than you know it, the kids are all grown up and off creating their own experiences. Grab the opportunity to explore with your kids while you can, and take advantage of your children's curiosity to form lifelong memories on the sea.

Let's not forget that these journeys at sea are not only fun for kids, but also educational. As they learn good seamanship and practical boating skills, they will also learn to respect the sea, which is an excellent foundation for any adventurous soul – young or old.