The made-up verb “Axoparing” may mystify most, but to the Priebes, and their close-knit group, it’s shorthand for taking the boat out. It’s synonymous with the kind of exploration that is spontaneous, when you’re not sure where you’ll end up, or what time you’ll be back!


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A summer of non-stop “Axoparing”

The Priebes, Sarah, Peter, their daughter Sophia, and dog Shelby, spent 65 days exploring the water around Vancouver this summer. They had the perfect setup. They’d anchor their Tiara 4000 and would take their towed Axopar 22 Spyder tubing, fishing, and exploring. Ready for anything, they also used the Axopar for grocery runs and to commute to the city.

“There were a few occasions when Pete or I would go ahead on the Tiara while the other would take the Axopar to and from a meeting in the city (20-25 NM),” Sarah explains. Sarah and Peter can both drive and dock the Tiara and Axopar single-handedly. 

Nature-drenched panoramas and memories that last a lifetime

From mighty mountains to lush forests and dramatic coastlines, it would be impossible to recount all the sights the family has seen in 65 days on the water. But when pressed for favorites, Sarah is quick to respond. “We did a day trip to Toba Inlet and nosed the Axopar into a massive 1000 ft waterfall. We also found a cliff side opening that we could drive into –about 60 feet or so. Imagine – these massive cliff sides on each side of us – just incredible!”, Sarah says.  
But not every day was action-packed. Sarah, Peter, and Sophia also spent many summer afternoons relaxing with friends and family members on their Axopar. “Sometimes we’d go out, the men aft, fishing with traps and lines, while we were forward, chatting and enjoying a delightful picnic”, Sarah says. 

The Priebes spend their days on the water with a mix of high and low paced adventures, often together with friends and family.
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Sometimes the Priebes family adventures are about fishing with traps and lines.


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Sarah and Peter love to invite friends over for a picnic onboard.

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No wonder Sophia loves her ocean bed when she can almost roll out of bed and into the ocean.

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Dog Shelby makes sure nothing stands in the way of new adventures.

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Sometimes the Priebes family adventures are about fishing with traps and lines.


A family of boating enthusiasts – 8-year-old Sophia included 

Sarah and Peter met boating, and their daughter Sophia certainly shares her parents’ passion for being on the water. “Often, at the end of the summer, Sophia is very upset when we come home as she still wants to ‘sleep in her ocean bed and not her land bed’. Even now, back at school, – most weekends, she asks if we can go ‘Axoparing’.” Peter is teaching Sophia how to steer and dock the boat, so she’ll undoubtedly have her turn at the wheel next summer. 
“In our family, every nice weekend – the conversation is never about ‘what are we doing this weekend’. The conversation is always ‘where are we going on the boat, and what time can we get off the dock?”, Sarah says. 

Disclaimer: On their own initiative and post-production, the owners have added a roof on their Axopar 22 Spyder, which is visible in some of the pictures.