PROD 0001 AX45 ST AftCabin Petrol front

Axopar 45 Sun Top

The new Axopar 45 Sun Top (ST), designed to be versatile, seamlessly fuses the joys of open-air boating adventures and sheltered comfort for an unforgettable experience on the water.

The Axopar 45 Sun-Top is our interpretation of a perfect day spent out at sea in terms of functionality, drivability, comfort and safety. It is one of the most comprehensive and versatile boats on the market and a true go anywhere boat with confident design and performance, ideal for extended explorations and island hopping.

Starting price
494 900

Technical specifications

Overall Length (excl. Engine)
13,91 m (45ft 8in)
4,11 m (13ft 6in)
Draft to props
1,2 m (3ft 11in)
Weight (excl. Engine)
Approx. 7500 kg (14330 lbs)
B:12 / C:16
2 persons (with optional aft cabin 2+2)
Fuel capacity
1390 l (368 gal)
B – Offshore / C – Coastal
Max speed range
Up to 50 knots
Outboard engines
3 x 300 hp
Fuel consumption, cruise
Approx. 22 - 35 knots, 4,1l/nm
Hull design
Twin stepped 20 degree V “Sharp entry hull”