Axopar Senior Marketing Specialist & Co-founding Partner


Recognising a good opportunity when he sees one is something that Christian Höglund, Axopar’s Senior Marketing Specialist and Co-Founding Partner, is well known for.


In fact, starting successful businesses and having a strong sense of entrepreneurial flair has been part of the Höglund family history back through the generations.

Already a partner and board member of the international 90+ year old Ostrobothnian family-owned company, KWH Group, it’s Christian’s more recent achievement as Co-Founding Partner and current Senior Marketing Specialist at Axopar Boats that gives him his greatest sense of satisfaction and ongoing personal reward. 

Just like his childhood and present-day friend, Jan-Erik Viitala, (Axopar’s other Co-Founding Partner), Christian also grew up in Vaasa, Finland, where he too has developed a life-long love of the ‘great outdoors.’ 

Whether it’s downhill skiing, windsurfing, water-skiing or winning large trophies in competitive fishing competitions, Christian is a natural and talented sportsman and a good ‘all-rounder’ you could say.

Having qualified with a master’s degree in Economics and Marketing at Hanken School of Economics, Christian has always had a passion for the visual and creative fields before turning his attention to Axopar and the seas.

As a mainly ‘self-taught’, creative photographer, it has been Christian’s considerable skill and remarkable talent that became a catalyst for an unbelievably high standard of visual and expressive photo-representation for Axopar and its boating range - a marketing legacy which continues through to this very day.

Underpinned by his strong sense of family values, Christian likes nothing more than spending quality time with friends and family, including with his mother, his sister and brother and their respective families, at the family summer homes some 40km from the city of Vaasa.  Here you can hike for miles and miles without seeing another soul.

But there’s almost nothing that gets Christian more excited than riding the inland lakes and coastal archipelago of Finland onboard his Jetsurfer – an activity similar to surfing, yet with a 100cc petrol engine underneath the board, capable of jumping waves and travelling significant distances without constraints, at speeds close to 60 km/h.

Creating those all-important, shared adventure moments on the water is incredibly important to Christian. So, having mastered the ‘hairy-chested’ petrol-engine version, he has since extended his passion with a ‘family-friendly’ electric version - the Ewave V2 6000 – enabling the younger generations to get equally acquainted with the thrilling and exciting Jetsurfing scene.