Axopar Chief Commercial Officer


For Christina, it’s about capturing the moment, seizing the day, and enjoying life for what it is.

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As Axopar’s Chief Commercial Officer, Christina Evans is the first to admit how easy it is to be devoured by her work.

Driving business and brand development, managing employees, setting forecasts and targets, and maintaining strong working relationships with strategic partners, are just a few of Christina’s duties, and it’s a wonder she finds time for anything else!

Dig a little deeper, however, and you soon discover that Christina has that unique ability to extract a sense of pleasure and reward out of almost every given situation, be it work or leisure.

In the truest sense of the meaning, she’s a ‘people person’ through and through, and, for Christina, success is measured in developing and cultivating those genuine and sincere relationships with family, friends, and, of course, in her working life, where her boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm comes across strong.

Christina is one of the most well-travelled people within Axopar. In her former business career, she held high-level meetings in Asia and Latin America, and more recently, as former Vice President and Market Director for Volvo Trucks within Europe South & West, she has conducted business all over Europe, the UAE and Middle East. 

Likewise, in her role here at Axopar and BRABUS Marine, driving and developing business for the eventual benefit of stakeholders as well as the customer, is paramount.  Accomplishing targets and making sure that business colleagues and partners get the best possible return out of every given situation are Christina’s primary goals.  

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But how then, does the CCO of one of the marine industry’s most dynamic and successful companies spend her time when she’s not working?

Taking a walk, going for a run, skiing and of course, boating, are high on the agenda, but as much as she loves an active lifestyle, Christina takes an equal amount of pleasure from catching up with friends. And if a day turns out to involve an unplanned dinner, maybe with a glass of Prosecco enjoying the company of her extended family or friends, then all the better!

Married to Erik, with three teenage children, Christina and her family live on Sweden’s beautiful west coast, in Näset, outside Göteborg, where the family are drawn to the stunning surroundings and peaceful serenity this region has to offer.

The Gothenburg archipelago, for example, boasts some twenty-plus islands, each with their own unique and individual charm. And with a natural playground on their doorstep, it’s the perfect environment for an outdoors lifestyle, and the region is renowned for some of the longest and most spectacular sunsets in the northern hemisphere.

It is evident that Christina wants to make the most of whatever comes to hand, be that work or leisure, and the curiosity to explore new things, to travel and visit new places has always been a part of her life.