Chief Production Officer


If ever there was a man married to his job, that man is Franz Zeiser, Chief Production Officer for Axopar and responsible for over-seeing upwards of 1000 boats produced per year.

Having served his national service in the German navy and worked in a senior production role for Bavaria Yachts before joining Axopar, Franz adores anything connect to the water and the outdoors environment. He regularly charters sailing yachts in the summer and loves to cruise the Adriatic, revelling in the history and beauty of the Croatian and Montenegro coastline.

Living in his native Germany as he does, Franz commutes regularly by air from his home to the Axopar OEM factories in Poland every Monday and returns every Friday. And now that Axopar has invested in establishing its second OEM construction partner in Poland, Franz’s role has become even more important as he seeks to maintain the consistent manufacturing quality and customer delivery times that Axopar’s valuable customers have come to expect.

But when you dig a little deeper, you discover that Franz’s real love is when he’s cast aside everything to do with his ’normal’ life and daily work routines. In fact Franz prefers nothing more than putting on his backpack and tying-up his walking boots, leaving his cell phone and his laptop computer behind and heading off for his 3- or 4-week vacation to an entirely remote spot, which could, quite literally, be anywhere around the world.

Dining by candlelight in small groups, with likeminded friends, sitting and eating around an open fire, it’s the purity and the simplicity of the moment that Franz finds is his ideal way to relax and unwind.

Recently, for example, Franz took himself off to the vast jungles and rainforests of Costa Rica and Panama, setting foot in places where no one else has been before. He calls this his ‘vacation in nature’, normally staying in an Eco Lodge, or sometimes under canvas, it’s the peace and quiet and sense of solitude and ‘back to basics’ lifestyle that Franz loves.