Axopar Owner's Manuals

Download handbooks, transport dimensions and drawings for all the Axopar models here.

Owner's manuals - current range.

This portal includes Axopar owner’s manuals for the following models:

Axopar 22 range MY2021

Axopar 25 range MY2022

Axopar 28 range from MY2018 onwards

Axopar 37 range from MY2020 onwards


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Owner's manuals - previous models.

From this Dropbox link you can access all older Axopar owner’s manuals:

Axopar 24 range Mark 1 (MY2016 - MY2020)

Axopar 28 range Mark 1 (MY2014 - MY2018)

Axopar 37 range Mark 1 (MY2016 - MY2019)


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Dimensions & technical drawings.

From here you can download:

Transport dimensions

Cradle dimensions