By continually challenging ourselves to develop and build boats in new and innovative ways, we consider ourselves to be the disruptive company in today’s very traditional marine industry.

The philosophy of the Axopar Concept

To provide our customers great value, well thought out and functional products, our core focus is always on optimizing everything we do in order to be efficient and flexible, starting already from the concept development and the drawing board.

The philosophy echoes all the way thru our product development, our production, working with our suppliers and OEM ́s and how our company is structured and set up to operate.

The high-volume production approach

To achieve the great value for money for our customers and the strong build quality that our products are well known for, we have from the very beginning focused on developing boats that allow for high efficiency production in large numbers with repetitive assembly, utilizing interchangeable componentry and inhouse production thru our whole range.

The automotive platform thinking

In order to stay flexible, cost effective and provide well engineered, high-quality products in a very efficient and standardized way, we look closely at the automotive industry and their concept  of manufacturing, implementing this knowledge and innovation into our marine environment. Extensive modularization and multi-platform thinking is only one of many key features utilized from the automotive industry.



The Sports Cars and Grand Tourers of the water

Following in automotive footsteps, we consider our boats to be comparable with sports cars and grand tourers of today, as these are designed and engineered to emphasize handling, performance and the thrill of driving never sacrificing on comfort and safety.

As important aerodynamics is to a sportscars, for every Axopar as important is hydrodynamics, in providing its equivalent in efficiency, handling and performance.

Key solutions

To provide their acclaimed handling and driving characteristics, our boats rely on key critical solutions like low centre of gravity, light weight, yet strong constructions and centered weight distribution.

Low centre of gravity

The lower the center of gravity, the more stable the object
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Optimized weight

Improves efficiency, handling and lowers fuel consumption achieving more speed with less horsepower than many of our competitors. Weight is directly linked to a boat’s functionality and usability and has a direct effect on the original design concept, the engineering, construction methods and materials used, with the simple rule that the more a boat weighs the more you end up paying for it in more ways than one.
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Even weight distribution

Even weight distribution combined with a low centre of gravity defines how well an Axopar behaves on the water. In waves the benefit is less roll and improved directional stability and a higher onboard comfort compared to heavier boats with higher hull profiles.
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Aerodynamics – everything that happens above the waterline

The lower silhouette of our boats creates less air resistance contributing to reduced fuel consumption, and windage catching the boat lessening the need for trim under way and keeping the boat better on-course even at slow speeds in harbour maneuvers.

Hydrodynamics – everything that happens under the waterline

Our innovative and efficient twin-stepped “air-lubricated” hull creates less resistance taking you further with the same amount of fuel onboard, providing greater top speeds and performance with less horsepower and increasing stability and visibility under way and without bow-lift and a planing threshold.  Hydrodynamics is the most important feature on our boats that creates our exciting and renowned driving sensation and efficiency and is as important as aerodynamics is to a sportscar.

Outboard powered future

Our boats are especially developed and only available with outboard engines, for their high reliability and engineering, value, low-weight, silent and vibration free running, service-friendliness and low maintenance costs. The shallow draft enables easy beaching anywhere and whilst most damage to engines occur while moored, outboards can be tilted entirely out of the water. Here, many competitors with their expensive, heavy and noisy inboard or Z-drive powered diesel engines are forced to a compromise on drivability, handling, serviceability, reliability, and comfort.

Choose your dream boat

While we focus on providing you one of the best driving boats on the market with the pedigree of a true sportscar, we have never forgotten the need for a extensively customizable and user-friendly boat that is able to match you in your everyday needs all year around and for all your future adventures.

With the key features above we strive to provide you the ultimate boating experience, a sensation of thrill and excitement behind the steering wheel and one of the best value for money products on the market.


Undeniable value for money