The Powerboat & RIB magazine team will be taking out the Axopar 28 Cabin on fantastic adventures along the coastlines of the UK and Ireland during 2021.

The main goal is to attract new boaters and build confidence in existing boaters to explore beyond the horizon, experience new scenery and collect lifelong memories. There will be 12 episodes broadcast throughout 2021, each accompanied by a series of tuition videos and an adventure travel blog, featured both online and within the Powerboat & RIB Magazine; giving you a reference guide to plan your own adventures!

PBR explores the most stunning coastlines of the UK and Ireland.
Beyond the Horizon
Watch the introduction video of the Beyond the Horizon series here.

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The Axopar 28 Cabin's design and capabilities are just what PBR wants for their offshore adventures.

Powerboat & RIB has a long history of undertaking expeditions, offshore adventuring and maritime challenges.

In recent years, these have included three separate circumnavigations of the UK as well as two circumnavigations of Ireland, two expeditions to the Arctic Circle, a circumnavigation of the Baltic and two 325 mile offshore crossings of the North Sea from Scotland to Norway, to name just a few.

So why are the PBR team so excited to get behind the helm of this vessel? PBR Editor, Hugo Montgomery-Swan, explains, “The reason why we chose Axopar and in particular, the Axopar 28 Cabin model, is because its design and capabilities continue PBR’s heritage and association with the offshore environment and our love for adventure. It also helps us to promote the concept and benefits of all-year-round boating, which in turn, helps people to appreciate the increased value in owning a craft that allows them to maximise on their investment."

"So, as a magazine, we shall be out there, showing how folk can get as much of their boating as possible, regardless of the weather or the season. In addition, if Covid restrictions allow, we shall be planning several exciting extended voyages which will not only allow us relate some great stories but also allow us the opportunity of thoroughly testing the vessel and its systems in the real environment.”

Ultimate Beach Cooking
In this episode, PBR and food blogger James Brooks explore the British coastline onboard the Axopar 28 Cabin and show you how to create the ultimate beach cooking adventure.

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Training Videos

/ Mooring in wind & tide
/ Basic Boating Knots Guide

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Take part in this journey to find inspiration and go further on your boating exploits in the UK and Ireland's most awesome boating grounds! Each of the 12 adventure episodes will be gathered and shared with you in the carousel below as soon as they are released so that you don't miss a single episode.